Beauty Crystals are the Next Big Thing

Beauty crystals are more popular than ever. Think of it like killing two birds with one stone. Not only are you cleansing, toning and pampering your skin with the best products, but now you can also add crystals to boost your mood.

Using stones to heal your body and mind may seem strange, but the practice has been around for thousands of years. Even early civilizations like the ancient Egyptians prized gemstones like clear quartz, turquoise, emerald, lapis lazuli and more, adding them to their mystic beauty rituals.

These stones are not only beautiful, but they each contain ancient secrets that unlock the beauty within you.

It’s time to give your skincare routine a major upgrade. If you haven’t tried beauty crystals yet, we can help get you started with two of our favorites.

Amethyst to purify and cleanse

This stone is one of our favorites because it is believed to have cleansing and detoxifying effects. It is said to clear negative energy that might be holding you back, which makes it perfect for starting your day on the right foot. Re-aligning your mood as part of your morning beauty ritual helps you step into the world every day on a positive note.

We know the daily grind can sap your energy levels. Between your 9 to 5 job, hitting the gym and battling traffic on your commute, maintaining the positive energy through it all is the key to a happy life. That’s one reason you can also use amethyst at night as part of your evening beauty regimen. It can help you unwind so you don’t care any of stress or negativity from the outside world into bed with you.

We recommend adding amethyst crystals to Revive Gentle Emollient Cleanser to not only clean and detoxify your skin, but also purify your mind. This is perfect for your nightly beauty routine since it erases the day and gets you ready to have a restful night of sleep.

Oh, and don’t forget to remove makeup first with Nourish Hydrating Cleansing Oil. You can read all about the benefits of double-cleansing here.

Citrine to spark joy and achieve your dreams

This canary yellow crystal is sure to bring joy to you life. Who doesn’t want to feel a little happier each day? It shines with a vibrant, sunny energy, inspiring happiness to anyone who touches it. If you’re into crystals, adding this stone to your beauty routine is a no-brainer.

Like amethyst, citrine is perfect as part of your morning or nightly skincare regimen. It amps up the positive vibes in your life every day. This is an excellent crystal to increase your energy and motivation to achieve your life goals. It is believed to increase confidence and attract positivity, both key factors for making your dreams come true.

We love using Replenish Antioxidant Moisturizer to protect skin from environmental damage and free radicals. Now you can boost that protective energy by carrying citrine with you all day. That way you can protect and nurture your dreams, just like you do for your skin. Citrine helps you master the art of self-love. It’s a beautiful crystal that will make you smile just seeing it.

How to use crystals as part of your beauty routine

It is important to use crystals mindfully with the intention of manifesting beauty. Each crystal is said to benefit certain areas of your life. Understanding the sacred power that is unique to each crystal can help you reap the maximum benefit.

By knowing the properties of each crystal, you can direct your mind to focus on the benefit it will bring to you. Clear your mind of every thought, and focus carefully on receiving the stone’s message. Each day, you will feel more connected to the crystal. Working with them on a daily basis is a great way to make them a central part of your self-care routine.

Crystals are a great way to fill your life with happiness and good energy. Whether you choose to wear them or infuse them into your skincare products is entirely up to you. Unsure which to choose? Trust your intuition to guide you. The crystals will speak to you and help you make the right call.

Recharge your mind and body with beauty crystals

Botanical Republic wants to share the healing power of beauty crystals with you. They can be carried on your body or dropped into your skincare products. In addition to amethyst and citrine, we offer rose quartz for love and comfort and clear quartz for clarity and healing. We worked with Mandi Meadows, a certified Crystal Healer, to create this collection.

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