Is Double Cleansing Worth It?

Once upon a time, double cleansing seemed like a big waste of time to me. Why would anyone need to wash their face twice?

Turns out, there are many benefits to two-step cleansing. Starting with oil cleanser is the best way to remove all traces of stubborn makeup and oil. Normal cleansers don’t do as good a job of breaking down cosmetics, leaving your skin only half clean. Oil cleansers can be heavy, so it’s important to remove the excess with mild face wash afterward. This is the second step of double cleansing. The result is skin that is super clean down to the pores and glowing.

Honestly, I’m lucky if I can go a whole week remembering to take my makeup off at night. The prospect of cleansing not once, but twice, felt daunting. Yet the idea of glass skin had been on my mind ever since I read an article about it on Vice, so I decided to give it a try.

Micellar water seemed like a good place to start. I grabbed a bottle at the drugstore on my way home from the coffee shop with high hopes, but things didn’t go so well. My skin felt dirty from the residue it left behind, not nourished as I was expecting. Step two of the double cleanse would rinse it off, but it wasn’t exactly pleasant. Micellar water was also too liquid-y. It left a mess on my countertop. I tried using cotton pads, which helped, but hated the idea of tossing more trash in the bin.

Three days in, and I was ready to throw in the towel. Maybe double cleansing wasn’t for me.

A few weeks later, I started having second thoughts about abandoning my new beauty routine. Had I really given double cleansing a fair chance? After a little convincing from a friend (you know, the friend that has skin so perfect, you kind of wish she would get a zit!), I decided to gave it another go.

Believe me when I tell you — This time was different.

I started with Botanical Republic Nourish Hydrating Cleansing Oil. On damp skin, I massaged it all over. I should mention that I had on SPF foundation, eye liner and long-wear mascara…and probably some sweat from riding the L train at rush hour on a summer day. This cleansing oil was magical. Seriously, the makeup slid right off my face.

Instead of leaving a film behind like micellar water, Botanical Republic’s oil cleanser left my skin hydrated and silky. I also became infatuated with the gentle herbal aroma of natural oils. A quick scan of the box showed an impressive list of ingredients: Apricot Kernel Oil, Sunflower Oil and Chamomile Extract, which is great for taming sensitive skin.

My skin looked nice and clean at this point, but the whole point of double cleansing is to get every last bit of dirt, oil and makeup away. Revive Gentle Emollient Cleanser lathered up like a dream and rinsed clean without leaving skin stripped.

After a few days, double cleansing at night became second nature. While my boyfriend has to wait a bit longer for his turn in the bathroom, the results are worth it. My skin felt super clean and instantly hydrated right away. Fast forward a week, and those pesky dry spots on my face had disappeared.

Have you tried double cleansing? Tell us what you think.

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