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My Journey to Botanical Republic and the Transformative Power of Bergamot

I wanted to share my personal story to share that's close to my heart, about an unexpected hero of mine: Bergamot. My journey to this discovery has been quite a ride. Before diving into the skincare industry, my world revolved around promoting green tech and recycling initiatives with conglomerates in Asia. My thirties? A blur of airports, conference rooms, and a single-minded quest to make our planet greener, all while I was ignoring my health and well-being.

Then came the day in Tokyo when my body completely felt apart and I couldn't ignore it anymore. There I was, too run-down to even catch a flight. Life up to that point was eating fast-food meals and even faster makeup routines—slapping on concealer to hide under eye dark circles and the stress-breakouts. My answer to every skin issue was a new product or procedure—layers of foundation, regular botox sessions, you name it. When those quick fixes started to fail, I doubled down on the search for the next miracle cure and quickly became addicted to strong chemicals.

One day, I happened to meet up with a friend who's been raving about all-natural products for ages, but I'd just wave her off—until one day, I didn't. I splurged on a face oil that cost around $200 and wouldn't you know it, that stuff worked like a charm. But the ultimate question is, am I willing to drop $200 for just a face oil?

A week after I made an appointment with my herbalist and she almost had a fit as she thought I'd been through the wringer. Stress was my middle name by then, and I was trying anything and everything to dial it back. She told me to purchase a bottle of Bergamot essential oil and told me to just breathe in a couple of drops. Seemed simple enough, and honestly, a bit too good to be true, but I tried it. This was much better than the natural remedy (alcohol-based) that you put on your tongue.

That got the gears turning. Why not blend the calming, skin-loving goodness of Bergamot essential oil into a face oil? And why stop there? Why not bring in a whole team of essential oils that nurture the skin and soothe the soul? That’s how Botanical Republic sprang to life.

My team and I put a lot of thought into each essential oil we pick for our products. They're not just thrown in because they sound nice; they've got a job to do, and they do it well.

So, that’s my story. Now, I invite you to turn the page and start your own with Botanical Republic, where we put a little piece of nature’s best into every bottle. Here’s to feeling good on the inside and out!

Our Products with Bergamot:


Our Nourish Hydrating Cleansing Oil doesn't just remove makeup and cleanse the skin, it also alleviates stress with the calming essence of Bergamot. Your skin deserves this treat.


A harmonious blend of botanical oils is expertly formulated to deliver hydration and rejuvenation on a deeper level. This serum is not only a skincare product, but it is also a testament to the power of nature's most beneficial elements, designed to reveal your skin's optimal luminosity. Elegance, meet effectiveness.


Dare to dream bigger when it comes to your beauty routine. Introducing our Restore Youth Serum, a botanical blend rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and love, uniquely designed to serve both as your facial treasure and eye serum magic.