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What is Clean Beauty? The Beginner’s Guide

Like most women, you love beauty products. Your favorite matte lip stain, facial cleanser and deliciously scented salon shampoo are among your top possessions. To look good is to feel good, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Many beauty products are loaded with toxic chemicals that can harm your skin and health. The average person slathers up to 168 chemicals on their body each day. If that makes your skin crawl, there is a solution. 

Clean beauty is safer, fresher, more effective, and better for your skin and the environment.

Benefits of clean beauty

Truly natural beauty products have many incredible benefits.

  1. Your skin will look better. Clean beauty is gentler since it is free of harsh chemicals. Expect skin to look radiant and calmer with regular use.
  2. Natural skincare products are fresher since they don’t contain chemical preservatives to prolong shelf life. Fresher ingredients are way more effective than products sitting on store shelves for months or years. Botanical Republic goes a step further by making fresh, small-batch beauty products by hand.
  3. Sensitive skin types rejoice. Clean beauty is a match made in heaven for sensitive skin. Most conventional skincare products contain known skin irritants.
  4. Clean beauty brands are safer for your health since they skip toxic chemicals. Protect your health by going green.
  5. Clean skincare brands tend to care more about the environment than big corporations. If eco-friendly skincare is important to you, embrace the all-natural ethos by choosing clean beauty.

The greenwashing effect

Nearly half of women buy natural beauty products. Big beauty companies want to cash in, of course. The result is greenwashing, which is marketing spin that makes products seem more natural and environmentally friendly than they really are.

Many beauty products say “all-natural” on the label. What’s in a name? Not much, according to the FDA. There is no regulation for all-natural claims. That means beauty brands can say they are “all-natural” when they are not. Stick to reputable clean-beauty brands like Botanical Republic, and always read ingredient lists.

Toxic ingredients

Conventional beauty products contain chemicals that can damage your skin and health. Many sunscreens contains oxybenzone, deodorants have aluminum compounds and your favorite cleanser may contain triclosan. Parabens, phthalates and fragrances are also common. All of them are bad for your health. Learn the toxic beauty ingredients to avoid here.

True beauty starts from the inside out

Honor your skin and body by choosing safe, healthy products that don’t pose a danger to your health. Clean beauty brands like Botanical Republic skincare makes that possible.

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