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What is Myrrh Oil Used for in Skincare?

If you want to relieve dry, irritated skin and fight skin aging, myrrh essential oil is your new best friend. Myrrh skin benefits are incredible. Read on to find out more about the skin benefits, science and history of myrrh. Beautiful skin is waiting!

Myrrh history

Myrrh comes from the rich red sap of the exotic African myrrh tree that grows in northeast Africa and parts of Asia. Steam distillation purifies the myrrh extract for use in cosmetic preparations and perfumes.

Myrrh for skin has been around a long time. For centuries, it’s been used in traditional Chinese medicine for its healing properties. Myrrh has natural anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that the Chinese used for eczema, athlete’s foot and minor skin irritation.

Ancient Egyptians also prized myrrh for its beauty benefits. Lovers of all things beauty, they used it in skincare to reverse signs of aging and maintain healthy skin.

The tradition continues today. Myrrh is added to skincare products to help skin retain moisture and boost radiance. The warm, earthy scent is also a natural fragrance for perfumes and personal care products.

What makes myrrh extract so great for skin?

Myrrh has mystical roots, but the science behind it is no mystery. Packed with nourishing organic compounds, liquid myrrh oil is a powerhouse against dry, inflamed and aging skin. The secret is terpenes. Myrrh contains skin-soothing limonene, bacteria-fighting germacrene, anti-fungal curzerene and magnesium.

Get glowing with myrrh oil for skin

Everyone wants better skin. That’s why we included myrrh in Botanical Republic Replenish Antioxidant Moisturizer and Renew Intensive Eye Cream.

Replenish Antioxidant Moisturizer gives skin a healthy, vibrant glow in seconds. A luxe blend of myrrh, essential oils, vitamins and antioxidants in this oil moisturizer revives and protects skin all day. Frankincense and myrrh oil for skin go together beautifully, and this hydrating moisturizer contains both.

The velvety skin feel and subtle notes of geranium and chamomile make it a joy to use. Simply apply to clean, dry skin and you’re all set. Adding myrrh to your skincare routine couldn’t be easier.

For beautiful eyes, Renew Intensive Eye Cream with myrrh is your best bet. Our luxurious hydrating eye cream works like magic for more youthful eyes. If you have aging eyes that always look tired, this is for you. Dab it on before bed, and you’ll wake to rested, radiant eyes by morning. It’s a foolproof way to look younger and fresher instantly. As a bonus, it’s the best anti-aging eye cream for sensitive skin.