Clean Burning, Non-Toxic Candles from Botanical Republic - Botanical Republic

Clean Burning, Non-Toxic Candles from Botanical Republic

Introducing Aromatic Candles. We've tested over 20 different waxes and were not pleased with the performance or concerned with toxic levels. After trying many waxes, we've decided to create our proprietary blend. Made with 100% natural Coconut Wax, Olive Wax, and Sunflower Wax. Free of Paraffin, Soy Wax, Palm Oil, Palm Wax, and Mineral Oil. 

For candle fragrances, we decided to use plant-based natural fragrance oils free of Phthalate and Paraben, using only pure essential oils, extracts, and aromatic isolates derived from natural botanical sources to deliver beautiful aromas of botanicals. Our Wooden Wick is made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified wood in the United States of America.

Relax and destress the mind with Botanical Republic's Aromatic Candles. Enjoy pleasant relaxation with our clean-burning, toxin-free candles—experience walking through a field of beautiful flowers in the comfort of your home with Botanical Republic Candle.

Available in two sizes: 3.5 oz and 8 oz.